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About Us

BNB Ltd.Şti. (BNB) founded in May 2003 with the support of university academicians is a project management, implementation and monitoring / evaluation company operating in the fields of Statistics, Economics and Information Technologies.


Besides the scientific disciplines it has been involved in, ever since its establishment, BNB has created an expert team and produced successful works, with creative ideas and innovative approaches in respect of grant management at EU standards, development and management of R&D projects at TÜBİTAK standards, as well as social and cultural projects at the standards of EU and Ministry of Culture. 


Having been involved in more than 20 projects BNB has implemented a number of works in the fields of Media and Public Relations, Communication, Presentation and Organization which reflect in the best way the institutional identities of clients and beneficiaries, as well as project stakeholders.


Having realized the importance of media and public relations, communication and organization with respect to raising awareness and expanding the scope of effect, BNB has created a structure within and a strong team.



To be a private sector company that successfully represents our country in this field at the international level by designing and developing projects and improving their implementation capacity at an institutional level.



Through participation in national and international multi-partner projects, to enhance the knowledge of project design, project development and implementation, and contribute to capacity-building in partner companies by sharing the experience and knowledge gained with public and private companies and universities in our country.



On short term, BNB aims at becoming an institutionalized and well-qualified company at international level in terms of project design and management.


In the medium- and long runs BNB aims at building up a good reputation as a reliable and qualified company for international projects, recognized by institutions like the European Union and the World Bank and contributing to the accumulation of experience and knowledge in the country.